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Various small bits

Dear reader, I know you're wondering what I'm getting up to these days. Or at least, I guess there's a possibility that you're wondering. So since there's no single bit of news that would be worthy of a post here by itself, here's one summarizing things, in the hope that the accumulation makes a tiny bit of a difference.

On the rock'n'roll front: Eleven did its first true gig on our own in a pub last Saturday. And when I say “on our own”, it could almost be taken literally, for we must have had a grand total of about 10 people. A bit of a disappointment, to say the least, especially since the pub was about 120 kilometers from home, 60 of which I rode on my motorbike at 2 AM (and close to 0 °C). However, the landlord seemed to like us and hinted at further gigs during seasons where people are more likely to go out for drinks and music than to stay warm at home.

In a related note: we got ourselves a small set of stage lights (LED-powered, of course), and they have, in addition to the power cord and various switches, two sockets at the back for plugging XLR-3 cables. On investigation, it seems that this means they can be controlled by a protocol known as DMX 512, which opens up a lot of possibilities for someone who likes to control various things from a computer. I read a few web pages to get an idea of how this is supposed to work, it seems rather simple and straightforward, but the required software isn't in Debian yet. So I guess that if/when I get the necessary hardware, I'll have a new hobby and new toys to play with. Maybe our next gig will have bursts of lights on the big accented beats, triggered by “strong enough” hits on my drum cymbals.

This allows me to link to… a new minor release of Wiimidi. The only addition is a new configuration section mapping to the default drumkit provided by Hydrogen.

And finally, to stay in the “small bits of software”, I was prompted to give my simple GPG-encrypted password store, a.k.a. SGEPS, its own page, with a proper release and so on. So there, 0.1 is out, with minimal Debian packaging included.

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