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FusionForge news, June 2009

Quick heads-up about FusionForge. The main news of course is that 4.8 has been released upstream (and uploaded to Debian experimental). We'll keep fixing major bugs on that branch of course, but our focus is now on trunk.

We're finding it tedious to deal with legacy code, so one of the goals we have now is to clean up the codebase to bring it more in line with good practice. That's going to take some time, though, because there's lots of code. Some of that code, however, seems unused (it's been broken for some time without anyone complaining), so it's likely that we'll deprecate and/or remove bits of code unless someone steps forward to maintain it (or at least bring it into shape). In particular, we're looking at the MySQL support (which hasn't been maintained for years) and some of the old visual themes which are going to require some work to keep working with some changes we're planning in the way the pages are displayed.

This should make maintenance easier for the implementation or integration of new features down the line. Which will be the subject of a future post, when a currently undercover French Forge Cabal actually starts producing concrete results. Watch this space.

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