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Bits about Alioth

A few small things happen on the Alioth front. I mention them as small in comparison to the bigger job of atually migrating to the new box, but they may have some significance to you.

bzr support: costa.debian.org AKA svn.d.o AKA arch.d.o can host bzr repositories. The procedure is, as usual, to file a support request asking for the creation of the repository, or nag us on IRC (#alioth). Please allow for 24 hours after the project creation, since the group isn't created on costa straight away; more on that below. Read/write access is done with

bzr checkout sftp://<user>@arch.debian.org/bzr/<group>/whatever

(or bzr branch if you'd like), and anonymous read-only access is

bzr branch http://arch.debian.org/bzr/<group>/whatever

git support: same procedure. Developer checkout becomes

git clone ssh://<user>@costa.debian.org/git/<group>/whatever/.git

and anonymous becomes

git clone http://arch.debian.org/git/<group>/whatever/.git

I'm told there are more efficient ways to do anonymous access, so stay tuned. Update: git-daemon is now installed, and anonymous users can therefore do

git clone git://arch.debian.org/git/<group>/whatever

User/group and authentication data replication: as you may know, the authoritative source for these data is the PostgreSQL database on alioth (haydn.debian.org). From this database, the LDAP tree used for auth on haydn is regenerated every hour, and the PostgreSQL database used for auth on costa is regenerated by a cron.daily script every day at 06:25 UTC. That script takes 10-15 minutes to run, however, during which authentication would be down on costa, because it would first grab the data from haydn, then drop the database, then recreate it with the new and relevant data. It has come to my attention that you can rename databases, though, so the script has been fixed (create gforgenew, then rename gforge to gforgeold and gforgenew to gforge, then drop gforgeold), and the daily downtime should be down to a few seconds at most.

As usual, in case of problems, come and see us on IRC, and submit a support request on the siteadmin project. Or mail us at admin@alioth.debian.org. Also, don't forget the Alioth wiki page!

Update: New news posted in the More bits about Alioth article.

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