Le weblog entièrement nu

Roland, entièrement nu... de temps en temps.

I hereby declare this blog open

O-kay. I finally seem to have managed to get mostly everything to work well (i.e. "exactly the way I want it to"), so I suppose I should do something slightly official, like break a bottle of champagne, except I won't. I'd rather drink it :-)

I'll just mention that this is a Wordpress 1.2 engine, with two bugfixes. Both related to ping_status/comment_status, both easy to fix, both reported upstream (with patches). BloGTK seems to work too, except for two slight wishlist thingies (I'd like it to autoconnect on startup, and to remember the status of the pings/comments checkboxes between runs). I'll probably end up patching again.

A word on how I see this working: I currently have a few categories set up. One, named "Tests" is for tests, and it'll probably be mostly full of "qsfdqsdfd" posts (yes, AZERTY keyboard). "Geek" is for, well, computer-related stuff, and will probably be English-speaking. The other ones will probably be French. I have yet to decide on a policy on cross-posting.

Good ol' X-Face It seems customary to have an "avatar" or, as I understand it, a small humourous picture which will represent me as my blogging incarnation. That purpose sounds remarkably similar to the one of the X-Face: header used in e-mail and Usenet posts, so I suppose I'll re-use the X-Face I've been using for years. See for yourself.

Good ol' X-Face Update: What I was referring to as an "avatar" seems to be more widely known as a "hackergotchi". Also, it's apparently supposed to be transparent. So here's my transparentified X-Face...

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